Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Birdwalk in the Mist

Walker Ave In the Mist
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Sunday morning was very foggy. Visibility was under 25 feet when we left the store at 8 AM to head to Walker Avenue in Wayne in search of ducks. The parking lot was completely socked in. But our intrepid band was undeterred!

We arrived at Walker Avenue at aboout 8:20. On October 3rd it was so dry there that we were walking on what is normally the bed of a wetland. A week later following torrential rains, the water was so high that people were canoeing in the streets around the wetland. By Sunday it was just muddy on the paths as it often is. But the wetland was once again filled.

Looking for birds wasn't easy. The fog burned off a bit and we did see 24 species the best of which was a marsh wren in, yes, a marsh! We also saw cedar waxwings eating berries in a tree. Cedar waxwings are among my favorite birds.

The place was eerily beautiful.

We saw lots of pretty spider webs that were wet with moisture from the mist which made them much more visible. Here's one.

Fall is the most beautiful season in the Northeast. Even on a foggy day.

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Nancy said...

Absolutely the most beautiful season. My favorite Phoebe!

Awesome shots. We do a lot of fog here. It is eerily beautiful. Love it!

Glad you had a good day and got to see your favorite birds too!