Friday, April 27, 2007

Thoughts of Gary Larson

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What's the Gary Larson cartoon? Setting: a couple of vultures sitting on a dead rhino. One says, "What a great day. The sun beating down on us, a dead rhino beneath our feet and friends flying in from all over." Well, this is the Connecticut version. The dead critter was a raccoon, probably a young one. I captured these three turkey vultures and one black vulture (the one on the right) enjoying a meal. Several other turkey vultures circled overhead as these kids feasted. Life is good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Monsoon Sock
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This is my "Socks That Rock" sock in progress. I finished both socks the other day without suffering too much second sock syndrome. I did have a small bout of "SSS" since this is a fussy pattern. I was particularly irritated at having to do a different rib for the sole and the instep. Meant I had to pay attention! I like knitting on automatic pilot or following a complicated pattern. This half-and-half business was just tedious. Anyhow, they are done! Alas, I agree with those members who thought this colorway looked like camoflage.

Inside Out Socks

The finished product is above. I am modeling both sides--the inside and the outside of these reversible socks. The patterning on my socks was stripey while some other club members had pooling. There's actually a little pooling on the sock on the left even while the stripes predominate. Hmm...

Great Adirondack Soxie Yarn

And here is what I am working on now: yarn from Great Adirondack. I didn't know this company until recently, but I love their colors. I'm a primary color person more than a pastel or muted girl. GA has yarn with intense colors and lots of blues, my favorite. I have a skein of their "Blueberry" colorway waiting for me when I finish these socks. (It may have to wait until I finish the April Socks That Rock offering. I don't want to fall behind and spend December and January playing catch up.) Just how many socks can a girl have? Or give to friends? Lots, I think.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nora in the Ficus

Nora in the Ficus
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Nora loves to sit in all the flower pots. She also likes to destroy some of the plants. But look how cute she is. It's hard not to just let her do whatever she wants. (Natural lighting helps, but she knows how to pose and find her key light making the work of the photographer easy.) She's climbed the ficus several times, but lately she's decided there isn't anything interesting up there and seems to just like sitting in the pot--or splashing the muddy water when I come with the watering can.