Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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This is Tortellini, my newest kitty. She is 2.8 lbs. and totally delightful.

I'm amazed at how different the three kitties are, and how different they all are from the late Nicholas. Nora is a climber and loves to visit any high place she can get to. She likes to hide in closets and the back of shelves. Abigail wants to spend time with people and will even nap right out in the open because she doesn't want to miss the action. She's a huge eater.

Tortellini is affectionate and likes to play with other kitties--although my other girls haven't reconciled to her yet. It's only been three days. Nora is totally pissed, but Abigail shows signs of relenting.

Nicholas was dignified and he could tell time--sort of. He would start to ask for dinner about an hour and a half before dinnertime. It never hurts to ask! Nick did the meet-and-greet with customers until naptime. He'd nap in the chair at the register so that he could keep an eye on things. He warmed his paws on the credit card machine because, well, it's important to have warm paws. He always deferred to Nora at the food bowl because he was a lover and not a fighter.

Three cats seems like a lot. Especially when they all want to be next to you. I can't stand up without attracting a crowd. It will be interesting to see how sleeping arrangements evolve. On her first night with me Tortellini slept between two felted slippers at the side of the bed, and Abigail slept at the foot of the bed. (Nora spent the night in the closet.) The next night she slept in the crook of my arm and Abigail was elsewhere in the room.

We also have to resolve who is going to work each day. For now Tortellini needs to go to work every day because she's a kitten and needs attention. Abigail likes to go to work in spite of not liking the car very much. Nora resists coming down from the top shelf in the closet, but she should come to the store occasionally. We'll work it out, I'm sure.