Friday, February 24, 2006

Where I Have Been

Found a site where you can click on all the countries of the world that you have visited and create a map. Here it is.

create your own visited countries map

I didn't include any countries where I had only been in the airport--countries like New Zealand and South Korea. But it is a bit misleading because it shows all of China when I've been to Hong Kong, Macao and a little bit of what used to be called Canton Provence. Same with Brazil where I've been to Rio.

You have to look very hard to see the small red dot off the coast of Madagascar that is Mauritius.

Here's the US map.

create your own visited states

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


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This is my stash. I have come to know that I am not alone in my addiction. No 12 Step programs for yarn fanatics. We just keep our secret stashes...and add to them.

I went to Knit Knite at Enchanting Yarns in Kent. (In the world of knitting blogs this is referred to as your "LYS" or local yarn store.) It was a blast. About 8 or 9 women--I was probably the oldest, but who cares. It was amazing how many were knitting socks. Two people were spinning silk which was fascinating to watch. One was using a spinning wheel and one a wooden bobbin. They'd hand-dyed the silk themselves.

I went into the stash and took out some wool that I had been aging and started a new pair of socks. I have enough of this yarn to do a sweater, but I guess socks are okay too. Once you've worn hand-made socks, there's no going back!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard of '06

Blizzard of '06 II
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Blizzard today. The people who supposedly know say that this is the second worst storm in New York since they started keeping records. You can't go by me. I'd swear I've seen worse as recently as 1996. But what do I know?

This shot is from the courtyard in my apartment building. The kids were delighted to run around in the snow. We older folks were glad to stay inside where it's warm and dry.

This strange faux topiary horse has made a recent appearance on Broadway. I have no idea what the story is here. It just is.

Topiary Horse

Friday, February 10, 2006

Head for the Hills!

Head for the Hills!
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I stopped at the bottom of Kent Hollow when I saw a large flock of turkeys. I got out to grab a few shots and soon they began scattering. "Run for cover! Head for the hills!" they seemed to be saying. But when I drove back about 15 minutes later, they were back in the same place serenely pecking at whatever it was in the grass that interested them.

Ben Franklin thought the wild turkey should be our national bird. Since I don't know what purpose a national bird has other than to grace our currency, I'm not sure how I feel about this. We nearly killed off the bald eagle, but at least we don't eat it!

Turkey in the Hollow