Tuesday, February 21, 2006


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This is my stash. I have come to know that I am not alone in my addiction. No 12 Step programs for yarn fanatics. We just keep our secret stashes...and add to them.

I went to Knit Knite at Enchanting Yarns in Kent. (In the world of knitting blogs this is referred to as your "LYS" or local yarn store.) It was a blast. About 8 or 9 women--I was probably the oldest, but who cares. It was amazing how many were knitting socks. Two people were spinning silk which was fascinating to watch. One was using a spinning wheel and one a wooden bobbin. They'd hand-dyed the silk themselves.

I went into the stash and took out some wool that I had been aging and started a new pair of socks. I have enough of this yarn to do a sweater, but I guess socks are okay too. Once you've worn hand-made socks, there's no going back!


Grumpy Old Man said...

We all have our vices.

Get thee behind me, Satan!

Nancy said...

Nice cubicle you have for your stash!