Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Sphinx

The Sphinx
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I ordered a cat tree for Sir Nicholas. I've wanted him to have a high perch for a long time, but my cheapness made me shop around. Found a good company on line and put in the order. They ship from Connecticut so I got the tree the next day.

Nick enjoyed the box the cat tree came in.

I put the thing together--mostly easy except for the hammock which after a struggle I managed to install. I'm bringing the power drill home and redoing it tomorrow because I don't like how it came out. But the verdict from Nicholas is that the cat tree rocks. He posed on the top in his Sphinx posture.

I also discovered a company called Katwallks that has a hysterical video of their product, a series of cat ramps that you hang on your walls, in action. But that's for another day!

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Nancy said...

I bet Nicholas is a very happy kitty with his tree post! I know Patric loves his. I rotate it around so he uses different parts of it to look out the window. He does prefer to be on the very top where we can barely reach him though. It was a wise purchase for both of us!