Thursday, August 18, 2005

You Say "Tomato"

Originally uploaded by PhoebeJ.
Summer is winding down which means that the tomatoes are beginning to ripen on the vine. Mostly I grow plum tomatoes and spend much of my free time in September making red sauce. But I grow a few cherry tomatoes and usually one heirloom beefsteak for the salad eaters. This shot shows plums and a very yellow small beefsteak. I like the small ones because I usually can't use all of a giant tomato which means wrapping it up and putting in the refrigerator so that I can throw it out later in the week.

The sunflowers haven't opened yet at my house. We got a late start this spring because it was cold and rainy so the warm-weather plants had to wait to go in. The birds will have to wait, I guess. They get enough seed from my feeder to keep them well fed so I'm not worrying. And the sunbuttons are in bloom and will start producing seed in the next week or so. The goldfinches will appreciate that.


Nancy said...

Beautiful Shot and YUM YUM...I love tomatoes almost as much as shrooms! They are beauts Phoebe!

Grumpy Old Man said...

Tomatoes are one thing that are incomparably better when home-grown and fresh than store-boughten.

And the shot is R-rated.

Phoebe said...

Thank you both! It's always easier when you work with a beautiful subject. And I've learned that the camera shows blemishes in a way that the untrained naked eye doesn't. I'm sure Dan knows this, but I took a couple of shots where the stems showed and added nothing to the beauty of the photo. A little judicious photo-styling solved the problem.