Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Country Life

Sphinx Moth II
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I had two days off in Connecticut. At long last the pool was in swimmable condition, and it was hot enough to make a dip enjoyable. The pool skimmer had lots of frogs, both dead and alive, in it. Mostly leopard frogs--small ones with spots.

Nature was making itself obvious. Tree frogs were singing all night. It was loud, a regular nocturnal chorus. And some critter, probably a raccoon tried to get on the birdfeeders. I heard something that sounded like water dripping on the squirrel baffle. I turned on the light, but the critter had disappeared. The feeders and the baffle were swaying slightly. In the morning I found the birdbath on its side on the ground. I'm glad I finally got a metal bath!

This photo is of a sphinx moth. Notice that its tail looks like the tail of a lobster. Gotta conserve those genes and not redesign everything! (Isn't evolution much more fascinating than creation "science"?) When these moths fly by they are often mistaken for hummingbirds even though they are somewhat smaller. As a result they are often called hummingbird moths. They like to sip nectar from flowers just like the hummers. Of course, the spicebush swallowtail butterflies also seemed to be devoted to the phlox too.

Nicholas enjoyed our stay. He spent a lot of time looking out the door or in the screen porch where he enjoyed the birds, the squirrels and the chipmunks.

Nick at the Door


Nancy said...

Sounds like you and Nick had fun in CT. Your photos are great...I love the sphinx moth shot.

Nick looks quite content staring out the door...

Nancy said...

I told David that he put you onto Elohimus and he laughed and told me it was a joke...
The church of the even later day saints?

I didn't get it as a joke and didn't comment either...

Guess I should have! LOL

Playground in my Mind said...

I love your blog. Information and entertainment. I like the pictures, too. Very interesting. I bookmarked your site:) Renee p.s. you can thank your sis for the commercial again:)