Thursday, July 28, 2005

Flora and Fauna

Bougainvillea II
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Last week I spent a few days in Orange County, CA. The flora is totally different there than back East. Some of the fauna is as well although mourning doves and house finches, like the poor, are always with us. In fact, when I arrived in Mauritius in April, halfway around the world, the first bird that greeted me was the house sparrow.

Warmer climes favor bougainvillea. It's one of my favorites, and since it is absolutely absent in my part of the world, it's always a pleasure to see it when I travel. Laguna Beach also has the most abundant morning glories I've ever seen. They cover walls, fences and the ground and produce huge blue flowers. I find morning glories hard to start--gotta soak the seeds and only about half the ones that germinate ever take hold. Once started they can take off, but I've never gotten them to Orange County size. Of course, we have monumental trees here and far fewer wildfires. That's what makes traveling so much fun (aside from seeing the loved ones). New things to see, photograph and study.

New life birds on this trip--California quail and hooded oriole.


Nancy said...

I bought some seed for the oriole today! And the morning glories were here when we got here. We thought they were all dead when we did the yards. But, like cockroaches, they will outlive all of us. Prettier than the roaches, yes, but just as hearty! They are all over LB...Up here, we have our very own microclimate.

The bougainvillea are very impressive here. But not as impressive as the huge ones in Copan!

BTW, saw the oriole this morning. Same place too.

Phoebe said...

The oriole will not eat seed, but it will eat fruit and grape jelly. Cut up a few grapes and put them in a plastic cup or that bath hanging under the disused hummingbird feeder. Oranges and cut up apples are good too. Welsh's grape jelly is a favorite.