Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sibling Rivalry

Patric in Sink
Originally uploaded by PhoebeJ.
I visited the bro' and his family in Laguna Beach, CA, this week and had a blast. But I kept feeling a little sorry for this fellow, Patric (no "k", please). He used to rule the roost from his post on the upstairs deck. But then this adorable, but rather energetic newcomer arrived.

Patric finds Charlie overbearing. He is. He's still young, a little wild and not as polite as he might be. He eats anything, runs amok and is easily excited. Patric now makes his home downstairs where the deck is off limits to him so he spends much of his time in the bathroom sink. Notice how he color coordinates with the tile.

Alas, Pat doesn't get as much attention as he used to because he's often downstairs when the family is upstairs. Well, he's still handsome and kissable. Perhaps he and Charlie will make their peace someday.


Grumpy Old Man said...

If the cat is in exile and the dog rules the top floor, why is the cat looking content and the dog wistful?

"Throw me a wet toy (yes, I do eat poop--what of it?) or feed me something, or I'll look sad . . . " -- Charlie the Dog

"Purrrrrr . . . " -- Patric the Cat

Phoebe said...

The dawg looks wistful because he is always in trouble. Nancy's office is now officially "the poop deck", no napkin is safe, etc. Charlie/Steve goes from one infraction to the other. Pat naps.