Thursday, December 07, 2006

Parrot Mania

I just finished reading The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. The author is more than a bit strange. But it led me to a little websurfing and I found this blog about Brooklyn Parrots . More than you'd ever want to know about parrots in New York. Marie Winn reports that a parrot nest has been found under an air conditioner in a sixth story window on W. 103rd St. The first parrots in Manhattan in a long time. Some birders are snotty about these birds since they are "non-native". Fortunately, here in New York we have usually been welcoming to immigrants.


Nancy said...

Snotty birders, who ever heard of such a thing! How do they know they are the first parrots in Manhattan in a long time? Just curious, but what if somebody had a nest and didn't know who to tell???

There are wayward parrots in OC, who have escaped from their cages and gone wild.

Phoebe said...

Well, birders share info and don't have a clue how to keep a secret when they've discovered something new. And with the proliferation of birding websites, word gets out.