Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lattice Walker

Lattice Walker
Originally uploaded by PhoebeJ
This is Nora in the guise of an lolcat. These cat photos are captioned in a sort of a "cat pidgen" that you can learn by looking at a few other lolcats on line. They are pretty funny or sometimes just cute and occasionally incomprehesible to the uninitiated.

I found that when I posted these photos, they got a lot of views on flickr. While I realize that Nora is adorable, there must be something about lolcats that amuses people.

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Nancy said...

Cute cat. I bet Patric would like to join her in a lattice walk!

Zoe has some treats in her desk drawer and Patric has learned how to open it. He opens it and she closes it. I am trying to get her to video it and put it on youtube.