Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Kitten

Innocent Look
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Well, I got a new kitten. I wasn't planning to. It just happened. She is tiny and adorable. She weighed 1.5 lbs. when I got her. She's now 3 lbs. so she's doing really well. But she had a cold when I first took her home and she wasn't eating enough and her left eye was tearing. She actually lost a little weight over the first week she was with me. (I weigh her on the store scale every day.)

Now she strong and completely crazy. She can hide anywhere and if she doesn't want to be picked up, she gallops away. Fortunately she's not too savvy yet. This is a photo of Nora hiding from me or so she thinks!

You Can't See Me!

She can't resist provoking Nicholas. He's gotten used to her although he hissed at her for about a week and slept in the back of the store all day for about 3 days when she first came home. He wouldn't take any treats from me. ("I'll show her! Bringing that kitten here. I'll refuse treats!) He's mellowed out now although I keep telling Nora she's riding for a hiding when she takes a poke at him.


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