Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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I know why this bird is called the "bluebird of happiness". I was thrilled when I saw this guy sitting on my nestbox. Perhaps he and his bride will move in. They spent a lot of time there on Sunday and part of Monday. On Monday they even put a little nest material in the box, but then disappeared for the rest of the afternoon.

I got this shot of the male shooting out of the box. I didn't intend this outcome, but I love the result.

I'm Outta Here

The first daffodils of the season were blooming. They are always a pleasure.

First Daffs

I had a huge number of "nature notes" for the two days I had off: visited a heron rookery right in town; saw belted kingfishers chasing eachother; saw the first chipping sparrow of the season; heard spring peepers; saw wood ducks and green-winged teals and a palm warbler. And much more. I love spring!

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Grumpy Old Man said...

Maybe a lucky shot, but trĂªs cool nonetheless.

And I like them daffodils, to.