Sunday, December 25, 2005


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What is it about cats and boxes? I took the last of the bottles of seltzer out of this cardboard container and put it on the floor. It wasn't a whole minute before Nicholas sat himself in it and claimed it as his own. Perhaps it's the texture or just a chance to have some insulation between himself and the kitchen tiles. Or perhaps it is all about feng shui.

Go here to learn all about the art of box placement for cats. An excellent explanation of feng shui for cats.

Nicholas had a good Christmas/Chanukah. Although he himself is an animist, he approves of all celebrations that involve the receipt of gifts. He made out pretty well with four shopping bags of home-grown catnip, some treats, a couple of nifty toys and a lot of scratches behind the ear and under the chin.


Nancy said...

Yep, Nick looks like he owns that box! Those darn cats certainly do love boxes! And changing sheets, Patric always jumps into the middle of my trying to put on the fitted sheet. Kinda lumpy that way!

Cute photo. What a lucky cat! Catnip, that's another story huh?

We enjoyed your gifts. I loved the towel and pot holder with the Cardinals on them. The girl's really liked their bracelets, although, Charlie ate Katharine's, much to her dismay! We haven't tried the cheeseball mix yet, but we did use the cute little spreader yesterday.

We will be sending out proper thank you notes. Come hell or high water, we will do it this year!!!

Phoebe said...

Never fear, I can send K. another bracelet. Hers won't be much use after passing through Charlie's intestines!

Nancy said...

I know, isn't that disgusting? Thanks, I am sure she will appreciate it. Zoe has been wearing hers several different ways. The bracelet is very cool!